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Roll Call

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Sioux City department. A. J. Moran, who afterwards was chief, was chosen foreman of the engine company April 11, 1882. Another one of the old fire companies in which the city had pride was the Excelsier Hook & Ladder comapny, the articles of incorporation of which were ammended and adopted July 1, 1875.  Article twelve of the constituion sets forth that the model of equipment of the members of the compant shall be red shirt, black pants, hat (eight ribs, New York style) white gloves and black leather belts, with the word "Excelsier" in white leathers in the center.

James P. Wall William S. Follie A.J. McQuillen J. S. Lynch John McQuillen
Thomas McNulty William Watson Phil McQuire Edward Anderson Michael Waters
Thomas Ryan William York W.C. McNamara M. H. Follis Martin Dahl
T. Donavan R.H. Marahull Henry Erhardt John L. Ryan John Amsler
C. A. Cook B. Roney W. H. Baricar L. H. Peterson A. Waldell
Charles W. Moore S. M. Gilbert Phillip Patten Fred Kryder John W. Gearen
Peter R. York W. H. Drumm W. S. Hill John Boyle Fred Kellogg
Charles Schilling Adolph Metz H. K. Wicks P. G. Giebke William Schlawig
George  Kingsnorth        


The men who served as foreman of the old department were: James P. Wall, E.R. Kirk, H.A. Millard, John Robson, A.J. More and H.H. Hawman. The members now on the roll of the Veteran’s association are:

Jas. Hutchins D. A. Magee J. C. Dineen Geo. M. Kellogg
Ed Berry Wm. Metz C. F. Manhald A. J. Loetz
C. A. Higgins H. A. Myers E. C. Tompkins E. W. Pecaut
H. C. Harrow F. M. I? D.A. Winnie L. Hummal
M. Dinnen John Amsler Joe Gross John Boyle
H. Hamel J. D. Calvin Fred Gibbons T. Anges
Geo. Hoke Will Livingston Geo. Kingsnorth Jr. Phill Gienke
Martin Niellen Frank Lagger Dan Dineen D. Hattanbach
C. J. Harper Dan Spencer M. K. Hartman Will Jandt
J. M. Lewis H. Mallory H. H. Hawmann Wm. Swarann?
S. W. Appleton Wm. Hittle J. F. Georen J. H. Richard
Drumm C. Rich J. E. Walker Peter Simeon
W. E. Rich H. Haakinson Wm. Dagie K. Knundson
M. J. Tierney C. C. Adams John Dineen James Leitch
T. J. Sullivan P. J. Peterson F. M. Lawrench Wm. Ingienna
James ??? H. A. Lyon Ed Roth Geo. W. Hoff
M. Lusek J. E. Hannan J. More T. L. Ryan
John Adair Geo. W. Hoff M. T. Follie John Groes
Jas. Hansen W. C. McNamara P. C. Glen H. F. Hittle
Chas. Wise Wm. Brady M. Walsh F. E. Kellog
Luce Skorunka H. L. Pecaut Wm. Z. Schwarts
T. A. Chriary W. H. Vandernerg John Hittie Chas. Wright


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This hook and ladder truck was the pride of the city especially when it appeared in parades. Hook and ladder headquarters were on the west side of Pearl street, between ixth and Seventh streets. John Amsler, cigar manufacturer (Amsler's Northwest) was foreman. He sits on the drivers seat, carrying a trumpet. Besides him is W. O. Royce, holding the reins. The tall young man at the head of the standing line is Will Drum. Others in order, left to right, are G.P. Ripley, Greiner, Ed Griener, Will Schlawig (perhaps), Rivers, Mike Goodness, Fred Kellogg (not related to Chief Kellogg), John Gearen and R.H. ("Bob") Marshall.

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Lieut. R.W. Shelton

Lieut. R.I. Hirsch J.I. Washburn
John Schwartzmyer W.E. Hostetler M. Chappelle

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Roster of Department

The complete roster of the fire department follows: George M. Kellogg, John Yeager, Charles B. Kuhl, Jr.,J. J. Markl, Charles Beye,. Victor Cantln, Harry Clark, D. P. McDougall, Denver Ransome, A. W. Lipoid, Vernon, Erskine, Harry Colvin, Oscar Miller, A, Fehrman, J. 0. Terrill, W. D. Dovonan, James A. Herman, D. A. Cochrane, C. A. O’Leary, Archie, Marsh, J. A. Johanson, J. W. Gunning, F. Schwartzmier, Ralph Tyler, William, Fehrman, J. A. Wulf, Dart Lawton, S. D. Haley, D. G. Welsh, P. C. Murphy, C. 0. Anderson, Emil. J. Rice, Carl Rustwick, Theodore, McElhose, E. Stevens, J. Washburn, C. J. Babcock, Ed Roth. L. Mattison, A. L. Tone, George Williams, Fred Bankson, A. L. Tone. Frank Fritz, Cecil D. Henshaw, W. M. Brink, A. L. Cobb, W. C. Wilbur, A. S. Mackay, C. Washburn Leonard Andeson, W.B. Gnatt, B. F. Mills, Ozy Moran. Oscar, Forsman, Gustave Larson, Aaron Sager, Joe Malloy, Gebert Huser, Willliam Lavery, R. W. Shelton, William Tracy, Ray Murphy, A. B. Berg, Fred, Gibean, Jay J. Morris, Eric Waldum, A. Schwalley, S. D. Wyant, R. Thompson, W. C. Anderson, R. Babcock Charles Eills, E. Ernst, W. Geesman, M. Chappelle, J. Scwwartzmeir, Frank. Mahr, Emery W. Hostliter.


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This group was posed in front of the old fire station at 410-412 Water station. Sitting, from left to right are John Woodruff, Fred Kellog, Matt Hilgers, Jack Dineen, J. B. ("Dick") Richard, Henry Pecaut, Henry Winand, William Ingiedu; standing, A.J. ("Frenchy") Pruvot, Tom Shanton, Emil Ingwerson, Charles Engstrand, Mike Walsh, Milt Hartman.

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